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BDJ Electrical Lighting Installation Services Brisbane

Low Cost, Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions for Homes, Businesses, and Strata.

Looking to lower your lighting operational, maintenance, and repair costs by 80%?

We’ve got you covered! LED lighting consumes low amounts of power without the hassle of changing bulbs, saving money on electricity bills and replacements.

We offer LED lighting services for residential and commercial properties across Brisbane with custom designs for maximum energy savings.

From full LED lighting fitouts for factories and offices to interior and exterior home LED light installation, we do it all. At affordable prices tailored to your budget and schedule.

Our fully licensed electricians are highly skilled and qualified to handle both LED lighting projects of all sizes and scopes, utilising their expertise and the latest technology for flawlessly installed LED lights in homes, offices, factories, and warehouses.

Commercial and Industrial LED Lighting

Inefficient lighting systems not only increase overheads but also fail to deliver optimum lighting in work spaces. This has a negative impact on employee performance, as well as the quality of the final product.

We design and install high quality LED lighting systems to optimise your work environment for increased productivity, safety, and aesthetics. Our electricians will work with you to understand your requirements and deliver cost-effective LED lighting for any area of your property.

Whether you need illumination for public areas, such as parking and main entrance, or compliant emergency and exit lighting, we’ve got it covered.

We use quality materials sourced from leading Australian suppliers for long-lasting results and minimum hassle when it comes to repair and maintenance. Our electricians are experienced in all aspects of commercial electrical work, from wiring and fittings to LED downlights and strip installation.

We also offer LED lighting repair and maintenance services for smooth operation and safe functionality. Even though LEDs have a lifespan of almost 25 years, it’s vital to keep them well maintained to protect your investment. We provide repairs for faulty lights, fittings, electrical surges, thermal, and chip failures. If you have loose cable connections or performance issues due to poor installation, we can help correct and fix any fault with your LED lights and switches.

BDJ has delivered LED lighting solutions to a wide range of commercial and industrial properties in Brisbane for increased energy savings and efficient lighting solutions. We provide the highest standard of workmanship, strictly following Australian lighting regulations and safe workplace practices. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your commercial LED installation requirements today.

Residential Led Lighting

Transform your home with stunning LED lighting to suit your personal space and property. Whether you want to install LED strip lights in the bedroom and ceiling or want to enhance your landscape and improve safety with outdoor LED lighting, we can help.

We offer an extensive range of LED lights and fittings from trusted Australian manufacturers and wholesalers to give you the best in terms of both quality, price, and energy efficiency. All you have to do is let us know your requirements, and we’ll do the rest, from helping you select the lights of your choice to designing, fitting, and wiring.

Strata Led Lighting

LED lighting for public areas and communal spaces in strata properties can lower electricity costs and provide safety with 24/7 energy efficient lighting. We will fit your strata facility with durable and low maintenance LED lighting in offices, gardens, recreational and parking areas with durable and low maintenance LED lighting for improved functionality and visibility.

Our strata electricians are trained and experienced with all facets of strata electrical work, collaborating with strata and property managers to deliver bespoke lighting solutions for improved functionality and energy savings.

Brisbane’s LED Lighting Specialists

LED lights are the future in lighting technology with their longevity, efficiency, and versatility. They can be installed in any space, no matter how small, with the flexibility to control output with dimmers, sensors, and integration with smart technology.

We provide a complete range of LED lighting services with new property and retro fitouts, conversions, and maintenance and repair services. We understand that making the switch to LED lighting is a hefty investment and must be undertaken with meticulous care, due diligence, and expertise.

We provide honest and transparent services, detailing every stage of your lighting project, from design and material selection to fitting and delivery, with results that guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

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