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Having been in the electrical industry for 17 years, I am fortunate to have been mentored and taught by fantastic tradespeople. I have spent years learning to be an expert in my field, learning invaluable lessons that have contributed to my personal and professional development.

In March 2016, I came back home intending to start my company and wanting to challenge myself professionally. I wanted to incorporate my expertise and experience into a tangible vision and to follow my values and dreams, working towards my passion.


My vision was to provide sustainable, safe and affordable electric solutions to home and business owners. I wanted them to have the confidence that their electrical needs were being met safely and that this would last them for years to come. My goal was to provide the highest quality services with consistency and safe environmental practises.

Since our formation, BDJ Electrical has worked towards that vision with relentless perseverance and dedication. All our efforts have been directed towards making our company a benchmark for industry excellence and professionalism.

Our hard work has slowly paid off with our growing client base of residential properties, developers, builders, government subsidiaries, manufacturing and corporate clients. We’ve expanded our business and built a team of committed and experienced professionals. We work as a team, striving to meet our business vision and goals, and getting us closer to making this the best electrical company in Brisbane.

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