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Lighting maintenance means so much more than just replacing a burnt-out light bulb. It also involves cleaning your light fixtures and transformers and checking for faults and wiring issues. Our scheduled lighting maintenance services will make sure that your home and business’ lighting systems, both inside and outside, work flawlessly.

Whether you want to get replacements or upgrades, or are having power outages, our reliable electricians will have your lighting issues fixed in no time at all. We also offer lighting maintenance services for homeowners who need assistance with their LED lighting system, landscape or exterior lighting repairs or upgrades.

Never worry about lighting malfunctions and repairs with our quick, hassle-free and expert lighting maintenance services.

Lighting Maintenance Made Easy

Commercial and industrial properties need foolproof lighting systems that work efficiently 24/7. Whether it’s emergency and exit lighting or parking lights, commercial lighting systems must be installed and maintained in line with strict safety and compliance rules.

That’s why we offer scheduled and planned maintenance programs to keep all your business areas and facilities well-lit and fault-free all year round. We understand that electrical malfunctions and issues happen. But these unplanned expenses can play havoc with your budget and lead to high repair and inspection costs.

We can help you stay on top of your lighting faults and repairs with our preventive electrical maintenance services and scheduled maintenance inspections. They:

We also provide emergency lighting services for sudden power outages or critical faults with your lighting systems. Lighting issues in factories, warehouses, or business’ main operations rooms can stop your business activities and result in disruptions and downtime.

Our emergency electricians will be over immediately to handle your lighting emergency with a fully-equipped van and quality materials to have your business up and running in no time at all.

A Complete Range Of Lighting Maintenance Services In Brisbane And The Gold Coast

Our lighting technicians have years of experience with all types of lighting systems, from design to installation and maintenance. We provide:

Our lighting maintenance services ensure that your lighting systems are performing smoothly and safely. If you need extensions and additions to your current lighting system, our helpful electricians will cover that as well.

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Our goal is to give you a complete lighting and maintenance solution from start to finish, on time and within your budget.