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Specialised Earth Leakage Testing Services Brisbane

We offer specialised earth leakage testing services to protect you from electrocution and irregular current flows.

Earth leakage happens when uninsulated or faulty equipment causes electrical currents to flow into the ground. This can lead to power trips, short-cases and electric shocks. Earth leakages are a dangerous workplace hazard and in the worst case can lead to live electrocution.

We can protect you against ground leakage currents and help you comply with legal safety regulations with our qualified earth leakage testing services. Our comprehensive electrical testing services check for electrical faults, faulty appliances, poor installation and faulty failsafe switches.

You can rest assured that when our technical whizzes test your equipment, machinery and electrical system, they do so with great attention to detail. We understand that safety and compliance can be the difference between life and death. That’s why we always give you faultless services using state of the art equipment and experienced electricians.

Earth Leakage Tests For Measuring Current Flows

A perfectly functioning earthing system carries its electric currents without exceeding operational limits or deviating from its intended conductive path. Our earth leakage testing services measure and test your earthing system’s current settings for faults and insulation issues. We use:

We provide both current and voltage earth leakage tests to ensure your system complies with all legal and statutory requirements. You can rest assured that our electrical technicians have specialised training and years of experience dealing with electrical industrial machinery and equipment.

Our ongoing performance tests and technical support make sure that your industrial electrical systems remain in peak condition. We provide comprehensive preventive electrical maintenance programs with the best earth leakage testing equipment and RCDs for your business safety and security.

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