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Prevent electrical accidents and malfunctions and keep your home and business safe with our reliable preventive electrical maintenance services.

When was the last time you got your electrical system inspected or upgraded? If it’s been a year or more, then there are probably a few problems hiding in plain sight that could cost you a lot down the road if they aren’t fixed now.

Your electrical assets need routine maintenance and safety checks to ensure that they are working perfectly. We can help you to keep them in prime condition with our preventive electrical maintenance services.

Our team will make sure everything is working as it should—and we won’t leave until we’re sure all systems are a go. And when we do find something wrong, our technicians have the tools and expertise to get things back up and running again quickly and efficiently.

Our electrical preventive maintenance programs and strategies for homes and businesses help:

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We can help you with all your electrical needs, from installation and repair to troubleshooting and preventative maintenance. Our meticulous electricians perform an in-depth inspection of all the electrical components and systems within your home. We also give you a detailed report on any issues that need to be addressed and prioritise them based on their urgency.

Our residential preventive maintenance services include:


We can help you prevent problems before they happen with our comprehensive electrical panel preventive maintenance service. We’ll come out twice a year to inspect all of your equipment and make sure everything is running perfectly – so nothing breaks down unexpectedly when it matters the most. Our technicians are experienced professionals who know what they’re doing, so there won’t be any surprises or unexpected costs along the way.

Commercial and industrial electrical maintenance includes checking of:

With detailed inspection reports to keep you informed about your electrical maintenance with suggestions on upgrades and improved electrical safety.

We understand that disruptions and delays in business operations can cause costly delays and make a negative impression on clients and customers. That’s why we give you quick and efficient services, flexible appointment times and minimum downtime.

Our reactive maintenance services are available 24/7 for emergency breakdowns and system failures. You can rely on our qualified electricians to provide a rapid response with on-site repair and a fully-equipped van for emergency replacements.


Preventive electrical maintenance is the best way to ensure your residential and commercial properties run smoothly. You identify and fix any problems before they blow up into issues that could cost you time, money, or even put people at risk. Our team of highly trained technicians will work with you to create an electrical plan that fits your needs and budget. And we’ll be there every step of the way to monitor your system and keep it functioning smoothly.

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