Why Electrical Maintenance is so Important for Body Corporate and Strata Properties

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Electrical maintenance is an integral part of Strata and Body Corporate living, and it’s important to ensure that all electrical components in the property are kept safe and in good working order. Strata and Body Corporate properties in Brisbane require regular electrical maintenance to ensure safety and compliance with legislative requirements. Doing so will also help reduce energy costs by identifying potential problems and early detection of potential issues. For example, overloaded electrical circuits, faulty equipment and misuse of electrical equipment are common causes of fire and severe burns in Queensland, and taking the time to properly maintain these systems can save lives and money. 


Five Benefits of Undergoing Preventative Electrical Maintenance 

  • Promotes Safety 

Electrical maintenance check-ups can save lives, and provide you with the peace of mind that your property is safe and reliable.  

  • Protects Your Appliances 

Maintenance can extend the life of your appliances and allows you to get the maximum life out of all your appliances 

  • Energy Efficiency  

Deteriorated wires and faulty appliances can increase your electricity bills. 

  • Save Money and Time  

A professional can fix issues early and help prevent costly repair bills.   

  • Earthing Issues 

If you are getting tingles off your appliances, you may have a more serious issue at hand and allow you an opportunity to fix this sooner. 

How Can I Achieve These Benefits? 

Here are some steps we recommend taking to initiate regular preventative electrical maintenance that not only helps reduce the risk of a serious claim but most importantly, enhances the safety of all residents within your strata complex.  

  • Thermal Imaging Electrical Testing Services 

Thermal imaging cameras provide precise heat signature and temperature pattern imaging for your electrical equipment. This is an effective way to identify local imbalances and hotspots so that you are able to target problem areas in your electrical appliances or switchboard. 

These images are then analysed by our experienced technicians to spot overloading and heating faults that can lead to critical electrical damage and unwarranted stress. 

Our thermal imaging services cover the scanning of: 

  1. All your electrical panels 
  2. Load-bearing connection points, disconnects and controls 
  3. Circuits and their components 
  4. Machinery like conveyor belts, chains and rollers 
  5. Motor controls, switchboards, gearboxes, bearings and shafts of mechanical systems 
  6. Boilers, cooling fans, steam straps and transmission lines


  • Switchboard Maintenance 

Switchboard maintenance is an essential part of electrical maintenance, as it ensures the safety and reliability of your electrical system. Switchboards contain a number of important components that protect your property from potential danger. Regularly inspecting, testing and maintaining switchboards helps to prevent electrical faults, fires and other hazards. It also ensures that they are in line with the latest safety standards, which can help to prevent potentially costly repairs down the line. Regular switchboard maintenance is essential if you want to keep your electrical system running smoothly and safely. Whether you need a part replaced, your wiring upgraded, or your annual servicing, we can help. Our licensed electricians have years of experience with switchboard installation and repair.  

  • Expert Electrical Testing and Tagging Services 

‍Testing and Tagging involve the visual and electrical inspection of an appliance to ensure it is in safe working order for use. Faulty communal appliances such as washing machines can contribute to the risk of a fire or other disaster, so it is important to have these appliances regularly checked and tested.  

Our electrical testing and tagging services include: 

  1. Functionality and performance tests 
  2. Fault testing of connectors, supply cords and wires 
  3. Examination of sockets, plugs and power boards 
  4. RCD testing 
  5. Earth circuit testing 
  6. Tightening loose connections and securing cords to minimise tripping accidents 


  • Earth Leakage Testing Services 

Earth leakage happens when uninsulated or faulty equipment causes electrical currents to flow into the ground. This type of testing helps to find any potential faults in the wiring that could lead to dangerous shocks, fires, or other hazards. It also ensures that the electrical system is properly grounded, reducing the risk of electric shock due to current leakage. Furthermore, Earth leakage testing helps to identify any issues that could lead to malfunctioning of equipment or improper operation of electrical systems. This makes it a critical part of any electrical maintenance schedule and can help avoid costly repairs down the line. 

We provide both current and voltage earth leakage tests to ensure your system complies with all legal and statutory requirements.  

The above solutions are not exhaustive, and we highly recommend that all electrical maintenance should be conducted by a qualified professional who can assist you in carrying out a regular maintenance schedule. 

Electrical maintenance is an important part of strata and commercial property management in Brisbane. This can save on costs in the long run and help to keep your residents safe. It is also important to ensure that any electrical work is carried out by a qualified professional – an unqualified electrician may not be up to date with the latest regulations, which could lead to legal complications or problems down the line. For this reason, BDJ Electrical is here to help with any electrical maintenance in body corporate and strata properties.  

Get a free quote and begin organising electrical maintenance checks to ensure the safety of everyone in your body corporate or strata property today. 

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